In keeping with its objective of providing the best possible pharmaceutical education, the College has built up a strong infrastructure. Well equipped laboratories


The college has well equipped and decorated auditorium with seating capacity of 200, It has been extensively used for workshops, seminars, guest lectures & training sessions. We feel proud to announce that, This year, “India’s First Akshar Manav Chitrapat Sammelan” has been successfully conducted in SCOP’s auditorium.


Art's Katta

The purpose of “Art’s कट्टा ”to promote artistic abilities and to give platform to students as well as faculties to express their art, and to give chance to students to express their art from daily academic life. We strongly appreciate and promote participation of students on “Art’s कट्टा ” We also examine all “Art’s कट्टा ” participant’s art before posting on platform



The field of pharmacognosy focuses on the study of medicinal substances derived from natural sources, such as plants, animals, and microorganisms. A pharmacognosy museum serves as a repository of information and exhibits related to this discipline, A pharmacognosy museum typically showcases a variety of natural products used in traditional medicine, as well as modern pharmaceuticals derived from natural sources.


Digital Classroom

The institute has spacious, fully ventilated classrooms of adequate size and comfortable seating arrangement. All class rooms are equipped with facilities for smooth delivery of lectures using blackboard / Whiteboard, with projector.


Computer Lab

Our computer & Language laboratory is equipped with computers having internet access available to all students. It is available for use to students for their regular computer practical sessions as well as for preparation of seminars / symposia and presentations. The computer lab provides services including high speed internet, printers, scanners, projectors and other networking peripherals.


Cultural Activities

The Institute is renowned for its cultural activities known as "SPANDAN." These activities aim to provide students with opportunities to express themselves, enhance their confidence, and develop crucial social skills for their overall growth. The college celebrates various themed days such as Retro Day, Tie Day, Kurta-Feta & Saree days, Traditional Day, and the Annual Cultural Day, adding to the vibrant spirit of the institution..



Library occupied place and pride at SCOP campus and is an essential component of institute's education mission. It is lively place providing a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment that enables learning and knowledge enhancement. International and national journals, technical magazines are made available online. Leading Newspapers, General Magazines are regularly subscribed and are made available in the reading hall for students and staff. level of research connect.


Sports facility

Institute Gymkhana provides the best facilities with quality sports equipment (Indoor and Outdoor) within the campus. Total Area of playground is 7 acres. Also, many Sports events are organized every year


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